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This is our why.

The Foundation’s mission is to raise money and awareness through fundraising events. We promote community engagement, as well as purchase equipment for our hospital and care facilities.

From Northern Health:

Capital project overview:

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital (DCDH) redevelopment will serve to expand and improve on spaces and services within the facility. This will prepare DCDH for current and future needs of the region.

Visit Let’s Talk Northern Health, our online space for updating you on current projects, like the Dawson Creek and District Hospital Redevelopment, and for giving you a chance to ask questions and be a part of the conversation!

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital is proud to serve as the primary point of orthopedic care for the entire North Eastern region of British Columbia, as well as parts of North Western Alberta. The centre has 2 orthopedic surgeons on staff to ensure the most comprehensive care possible.

Over 200 surgical procedures per month are performed at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital. Surgical services provided include Gynecology, General Surgery, Urology, ENT and the Regional Orthopedic Program.

This department provides routine radiology and ultrasound services as well as the regional CT Program, in addition to being a participant in the provincial mammography screening program.

Equipped with 3 beds and a full time, dedicated OBGYN, the Maternity/Maternal Health Unit of the Dawson Creek and District Hospital has seen a birth rate increase of almost two-fold over the past five years.

Dealing with a broad array of illness and injury, the Emergency Department at the Dawson Creek and District Hospital operates 24 hours a day and has a trauma room dedicated to addressing a multitude of diverse issues with highly specialized equipment.

The most recent of the Hospital Foundations’ major fundraising projects, the Cancer Care Unit offers treatment hitherto unseen in the South Peace region, allowing patients afflicted with cancer to address the disease in a manner that is both more affordable and less stressful. This unit is emblematic of the Hospital Foundation’s dedication to not only helping to save lives, but to improve the overall quality of life for those who call the South Peace home.

The Hospital has 3 beds dedicated to dealing with critical illness and other ailments requiring intensive monitoring, often concurrent with life support or other organ support systems such as ventilatory support, hemodynamic monitoring, arrhythmia treatment, and multi system failure.

This department provides a broad spectrum of care for acute and chronic conditions. The staff here provides care for stroke patients, chronic illness patients with arthritis and multiple sclerosis, as well as supporting extended and intermediate care facilities.

The primary function of this department is to provide support for the critical care and outpatient programs. Moreover, our Asthma Program is ever expanding to meet the needs of the community and help decrease acute emergency visits.

Overseen and administered by a dedicated team of healthcare professions, this department engages in public outreach and education, offering group clinics and support as a proactive means of addressing Dawson Creek’s share of the growing diabetes epidemic in Canadian society.

This is a fully functioning in hospital laboratory allowing physicians and patients results that demonstrate a commitment to both efficiency and personalized, face to face care.

Rotary Manor

The Rotary Manor Complex (Long Term Care Facility) consists of two buildings, the main area (opened in 2002) and the three story tower (opened in 2009) and joined by a glassed walkway. They actively and continually work toward a culture of person–centered care, where the resident’s independence and autonomy is promoted.

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